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2012: "All About Bullies" Wins Grammy Award Click to see photos.
Oran Etkin is happy to announce that a side project he has been working on was awarded a GRAMMY Award at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12, 2012. The project is a benefit compilation CD against bullying. Etkin, who is internationally acclaimed as both a jazz and world music clarinetist and for his work with children, composed and performed 2 original tracks on the CD using his signature style of overdubbing clarinets, bass-clarinets and voice. As Etkin narrates the story, his clarinets and bass-clarinets come to life and act out the story through the music as well. The CD is the result of many great artists and producers (notably Steve Pullara, Kevin Mackie, Jim Cravero, Patrick Robinson) who donated their work to the project, with all proceeds going to Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center. This is not the first time Etkin's work has been recognized at the Grammies. Last year, his music appeared on a Grammy Nominated CD alongside tracks by Russell Simmons, Moby, Sweet Honey in the Rock and others. In addition to his work as a jazz and world-music artist, Etkin has developed a comprehensive educational program for children called Timbalooloo, which strives to foster fluency in the language of music at an early age through group music classes, CDs and performances for children worldwide.

2011: "Healthy Food For Thought" Gets Grammy Nomination:
In 2011, another project that featured Oran Etkin's music was nominated for a Grammy. The CD, "Healthy Food For Thought", features tracks by Oran Etkin, Russell Simmons, Moby, Sweet Honey In The Rock and many other great artists and was produced by Steve Pullara, Paula Lizzi, Kevin Mackie and Jim Cravero. It is dedicated to bettering nutrition in school food, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the NY Coalition For Healthy School Food. Etkin's track on the album, "Unique Monique", opens a window into two sides of his work. The music draws upon elements from Oran Etkin's Kelenia - a project he has with musicians from Mali that won "Best World Music Album" in the 2010 Independent Music Awards. The music slowly builds with a total of eight clarinets and bass-clarinets playing interweaving lines until the last section, where Malian Griot musicians Balla Kouyate and Makane Kouyate join in on balafon and calabash. On top of this music, Oran recites a playful poem that also teaches about healthy eating. It offers us a glimpse of Etkin's work with children through his Timbalooloo organization, which offers music classes for young children based on a new method that Etkin created for developing full fluency in the language of music at a young age. Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Daphna Kastner Keitel and Harvey Keitel are amongst the parents that have endorsed this method and have enrolled their own children in the classes. Timbalooloo is also the umbrella for Etkin's performances for children and his latest CD, Wake Up, Clarinet!, which has won awards from the Parents Choice Foundation, Oppenheim and NAPPA!

Listen To The Track Unique Monique:

Kelenia Videos:      

"A hypnotic balance between straight ahead jazz and world music" - Boston Globe

New Projects:

Oran Etkin Duo, Trio and Quartet

Quartet with Ben Allison, Francisco Mela, Lionel Loueke (two songs):

Duo with Lionel Loueke:

Timbalooloo Videos:      

"immediately connects to a child's imagination" - Edie Falco
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Four Tracks From the new kids CD, Wake Up, Clarinet!

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Hit Play to start listening and use the arrows to change between the following tracks:

1. Intro to High Low
2. High Low
3. Wake Up, Clarinet
4. All I Really Want To Do Is Dance

Three Complete Tracks from the 2009 CD, Kelenia

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1. Nina
2. Yekeke
3. Nama


Oran Etkin Quartet/Quintet: with Jason Marsalis, Fabian Almazan, Garth Stevenson and Curtis Fowlkes

Hit Play to start listening and use the arrows to change between the following tracks:
1. We Want A Story (quintet)
2. I Got Rhythm (quartet)
3. Under My Bed (quartet)


Oran Etkin/Abdoulaye Diabate Duo

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Hit Play to start listening and use the arrows to change between the following tracks:
1. Mali Sajo (live concert)
2. Wasulu Foli (live concert)
3. Yekeke (from the new CD, Kelenia, featuring Abdoulaye Diabate on vocals)